UK varsity to offer MBA scholarship to potential Indian entrepreneurs

Of the 20 different types of scholarships, a fully-funded scholarship will be reserved for an Indian aspirant

In order to fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, Essex Business School of University of Essex has rolled out ‘Essex-MBA scholarships’ for Indian professionals who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. A total of 19 scholarships will be offered to entrepreneurial aspirants from across the globe whereas one fully-paid scholarship will solely be given to an Indian professional. The Indian candidate will be selected from ‘Shark Tank,’ a business event that was recently conducted in Bangalore by the University.

The first of its kind event offered the applicants a platform to pitch their business ideas before a panel of experts. Panelists assessed the candidates on their creative thinking skills, ability to communicate their ideas in English, as well as coming up with out-of-the-box business ideas.

Talking to Education Times, Nicolas Forsans, director, Essex Business School, who was also one of the panel members of ‘Shark Tank,’ says, “Indian students have a strong entrepreneurial mindset and have deep knowledge of digital technology. Since the business models of tomorrow will be powered by data and digital technologies, Indian entrepreneurs are well positioned to succeed in this digital age.”

To get an Essex-MBA scholarship, all 20 aspirants must clear the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam with an overall score of at least 6.5 . Speaking about what sets Indian students apart from students of other countries, Forsans says, “We get students from various corners of the world such as Europe, USA, China and even Latin America. However, since India is a young country, entrepreneurial ideas are more creative than others. Besides this, Indian students have a positive vibe and are energetic about coming up with innovative ideas that lead to business growth also.”


Author: Hela