Bengaluru: Two Surya Kiran jets collide mid-air during Aero India prep, 1 pilot dead

Surya Kiran Crash: Hawk jets crash during Aero India prep in Bengaluru, 1 pilot dead

One Indian Air Force pilot died after two Hawk jet aircraft of the the Surya Kiran aerobatics team collided mid-air in Bengaluru this morning. The Surya Kiran jets crashed while rehearsing for the upcoming Aero India, a biennial air show held in Bengaluru.

Three pilots were on the two Surya Kiran Hawk jets that collided and crashed this morning. One pilot died in the crash while the other two managed to eject safely.

The two Surya Kiran jets crashed while rehearsing at the Yelahanka Airbase in Bengaluru. Surya Kiran (which means ‘sunrays’) is an aerobatic team of the Indian Air Force that is renowned for performing breathtaking mid-air stunts.

MN Reddi, the director general of police in-charge of fire and emergency services, confirmed one fatality in the Surya Kiran crash. Reddi said there was no major damage to houses in the Isro Colony where the Surya Kiran jets crashed.

A photograph showed a parachute — likely of one of the two pilots who ejected safely — stuck in an overhead cable with a pilot’s helmet lying nearby.

The crash also caused a fire with thick black billowing into the sky. The fire was quickly doused.

Angad Singh, an aviation enthusiast present at the crash site, said on Twitter that three pilots were involved in the crash.

Singh put out a series of photos from the crash. “One aircraft was flying with both seats occupied,” he tweeted. “I see smoke and saw two chutes.


Author: Hela